True Blood

Tru Blood

Are there any Trubies in the house?! It took me a minute to get into this show but once I saw the first episode I was immediately hooked like a werewolf on V! From the funny, catchy dialogue between characters to the beautiful actors & actresses I can’t imagine any one who has not watched this show yet. If you are into vampires, mythology or stories with lots of twists & turns then you need to get to watchin’.

True Blood Cast

Cast of True Blood (click for larger view)

During those long, tiresome True Blood-free months I began reading The Southern Vampire Chronicles series. Alan Ball definitely took this story into his own hands & added a lot of fabulous drama & characters. I won’t get into gory detail because I would hate to ruin the surprises but just to show you how different they can be… Tara is not included in the book series! I seriously missed her fiery attitude & quick to snap judgement in the books. The Southern Vampire Chronicles is worth the read, especially if you start to get TB withdrawals like I did!

Eric Northman

My favorite character by far is Eric Northman. He is 1,000 years old & was originally a Viking! SWOON! Eric is played by Alexander Skarsguard, one of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace my flat screen!!! Tall, strong & husky voiced Eric can always send a chill up your spine. He is also chock full of surprises & depth you would not expect. He has morals, ethics & seems to truly believe in the old “eye for an eye” law. His vendetta against Edgington shows just how deeply his loyalty runs. Even if it takes him 1,000 years he will exact his vengeance & version of justice. Eric is just as interesting within the The Southern Vampire Chronicles books. Whenever he makes an appearance he always leaves me craving more; I just KNOW that what he shows is not nearly as deep as he actually can get.

Bill Compton

The most redeemed character for me is Bill Compton. Vampire Bill seemed kind of bland within the first couple of seasons. Mr. Compton eventually steps up his game & gains my attention by finally defying his maker, Lorena. The scene where he throws a flaming lantern right in her face & sets her totally ablaze was just fabulous! Right then & there I can totally see why Sookie had fallen for him so hard.

Before I spoiler all of my awesome readers to the true death I must conclude my gushing. Do you have any favorite characters? Are you a Trubie who has been watching from the beginning? Or are you a Newbie who will be joining us for the upcoming new season? I’d love to hear some more about the book series, I have only read the first couple of them but will continue them after the season this summer!

True Blood Season Six began June 16. The season finale, Save the Population, comes out August 18, 2013 at 9/8c on HBO. Then comes the next Season Eight eppy of Dexter.


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  1. Debi Fitzsimmons says:

    I’m a fan from the beginning. I would have to say that my favorite characters are Eric and Lafayette. Looking forward to seeing where this season goes.

  2. Alaina Bullock says:

    Like you it took awhile before I watched it, but was immediately hooked. And yes, Eric Northman…swoon…is absolutely correct! When it got to the season where the revealed Sookie’s specialness, I was really afraid the whole series was about to go down the toilet, but they managed to pull it off!!

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