The Following

the following

Just when you think someone is a friend, they turn out to be a Follower!

The Following is a new, eerie show about a cult. This is not your ordinary cult of 20 misguided youths, or strange men trying to board a space ship from beyond…

This cult contains people from your neighborhood, local police precinct & most likely that way-too quiet librarian.

Follow Ryan Hardy [the fabulous Kevin Bacon!] as he tries to decipher when the next murder, kidnapping or grizzly show down will occur from the utterly brainwashed massive collective Following.

The creepiest part about this show is the leader of the cult, Joe Carrol. Everyone KNOWS it is this man causing people to commit heinous crimes. As he spends his days wallowing in his jail cell he still manages to get messages out to his Following; describing & demanding the plots & murders thicken as he sees fit.

Joe is obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe. He uses passages & quotes from Poe’s works to relay his messages on television & the internet to the cult. Many of the murder scenes are inspired by Poe’s writing as well.

Have you been Following as Hardy races against time & Joe Carrol’s cult?

Tune in every Monday to find out who the next victim is.

You can also be entered to win cool prizes by Tweeting anything about the show using the hash tag


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