Organic Simple Holiday Apple Cider

Apple cider is a delicious way to honor autumn & stay warm in winter. Use organic ingredients while creating your cider for a nutritious elixir for the New Year! Just follow this simple yet delicious recipe!

apple cider ingredients

You will need:

1 tbsp honey

2 medium apples; cut & cored

1 tbsp vanilla extract [or one vanilla pod]

1 tsp cardamom

enough water to cover all ingredients

medium pot


apple cider combine ingredients


Combine all ingredients in the pot & then cover with the water.

Place on stove top over high heat. Stir occasionally.

Mash apples with back of spoon once they soften. This help release the sweet flavor of the apples. You may also use a potato masher for this step.

After half an hour to forty minutes it is ready to drink. Strain into a mug. Add cinnamon stick for optional garnish & serve immediately.

You may also add whipped cream on top for the kids!

Place a shot of bourbon or whiskey in the bottom of the mug before straining in apple cider to make an extra warm adult version of this beverage!

This makes about four 8 oz. mugs worth of cider.

cup of apple cider

What is your favorite warm holiday beverage? Do you drink apple cider during the chilly months? Do you have a simple, organic recipe for apple cider?


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