Make Your Own Soda! SodaStream Review

Soda has been enjoyed by many cultures during the centuries. People in Paris used to strap barrels of soda on their backs to sell as they walked around.

The basic recipe to create soda is replicating the natural process of carbonated mineral waters. Mineral water contains salts or sulfur which is why the water is sometimes effervescent. Sometimes we call this effervescence “sparkling”.

During 1767 Joseph Priestley discovered how to infuse carbon dioxide & water while tinkering around in a local brewery. This was the beginning of the drink we all recognize today. Soon soda fountains sprang up all over America with different varieties of flavors from herbs, fruits & roots.

Today we have the fabulous SodaStream to create our own infusions of flavored mineral water! With the SodaStream starter kit I was sent you are able to try out all different kinds of flavors from the convenient sample packs it contains.


The starter kit I was sent is called the Genesis – Seltzer Starter Kit, valued at $99.95. It includes one Genesis Home Soda Maker, one 60 liter Carbonator, two Carbonating Bottles & a Sodamix Variety 12 pack. The twelve sample flavors are Energy Drink, Diet Cola, Dr. Pete, Diet Pete’s Choice, Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Fountain Mist, Lemon-Lime, Diet Lemon-Lime, Orange, Diet Cranberry-Raspberry and Diet Pink Grapefruit. The Genesis soda maker is a sleek plastic, easy to store & clean design that comes in black or red. The carbonating bottles are made of thick, sturdy plastic that stands up to the water pressure easily. The one 60 liter carbonator is good for making around 20 bottles of soda, when you use the average amount. I like my soda extra bubbly so my carbonator might have run out quicker than most. This kit is easy to put together & fun to use. Now on to the best part, getting to try out the flavors!

Out of the 12 pack of samples my favorite is the Energy drink. It tastes sweet & light but packs a fabulous energy buzz! My only complaint is that all of these samples are sweetened with Splenda. Splenda tends to leave a strange aftertaste in my mouth. The Energy Drink flavor leaves the least amount of “aftertaste” out of all the flavors.

Next I enjoyed the Diet Cranberry-Raspberry & Diet Pink Grapefruit. Both of these reminded me of Fresca soda, especially the Pink Grapefruit. These flavors have a lot of potential if they would start creating them with natural sweeteners like sugar. The Splenda kind of overpowers the subtle fruity notes in these drinks.

Lemon-Lime & Orange were up next. The orange is sweeter & thicker than the Lemon-Lime so it blocks out the Splenda taste fairly well. Lemon-Lime sodas are usually some of my favorites but the SodaMix with Splenda just does not do this mixture justice.

As for the Fountain Mist, Dr. Pete’s & Root Beers—those are still in queue to be sampled. My household is not very fond of these particular flavors. I will be bringing them by friends & family’s houses soon so they can test them.

SodaStream was generous enough to send along some full sized bottles of their SodaMix & a few bottles of the Seltzer flavors as well. The seltzer flavors are dubbed as “MyWater Flavor Essences” on & my package came with the Orange, Lemon Lime & Raspberry essences.

My favorite of the essences is the raspberry. It is sweet & ever so slightly tangy—just like a real raspberry. The lemon lime flavor is very subtle & light on the tongue. I was not very fond of the orange flavor. This one was kind of sour tasting, I wish it was a bit sweeter.

Of course they were not done yet, there are SodaMix flavors to test out as well! The SodaMix flavors I received are Naturally Sweetened Orange Pineapple, Naturally Sweetened Ginger Ale, Naturally Sweetened Cola, Cola Free & Regular Cranberry Raspberry.

Orange Pineapple is fabulous! The main reason why it tastes so darn good is that regular sugar instead of Splenda! I definitely recommend getting the Naturally Sweetened varsities of SodaMix if you do not have sensitivities to sugar. This particular flavor is quite orange-y with just a touch of pineapple in the aftertaste.

Next I enjoyed the Ginger Ale. I always like having this flavor on hand because ginger root is great for when I have an upset stomach. This SodaMix tastes just like all of the popular brands of ginger ale & will surely please even the pickiest Ginger fan.

The Naturally Sweetened Cola is delicious, especially compared to the Diet & Splenda sweetened types. I really wish the Cranberry Raspberry was naturally sweetened because this flavor has so much potential to be way yummier!

I could rave on & on about my SodaStream. It is fun to create my own sodas! I will start mixing the different flavors soon to see if I can concoct an even greater masterpiece of deliciousness!

Have you tried the SodaStream yet? Do you enjoy homemade soda more than store bought? What is your favorite soda flavor?

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