Supernatural Season 11 Premier is Wednesday Night!

Gearing up for the new season! Who are you excited to see again? Who is going to die this time?!

FOUR DAYS till supernatural

I hope my Deany will stay safe, pretty (and demon-free) during Season 11 of Supernatural.

The Season 11 premiere is October 7, 2015.

Festive and Awesome October Treats

Halloween is my favorite holiday!

Autumn is a time for spooky stories & lots of treats. Even though I’m not a “Kid” I still like to go Trick or Treating. What I do not like is waiting, so here are some delectable sweets to slash those sugar coated cravings until it is time to beg your neighbors for those “fun sized” candies!







Do you have any favorite & festive Halloween treats? How do you celebrate All Hallows Eve?

Are you trick or treating for unique candy this year?